Stop the Cerberus.

Some mistakes, i know.

i like it alot but there is a grammar problem. it should just be “stop Cerberus”

Looks nice indeed.

Cool editing on the fire.

the motion blur is ehh but everything else is fantastic

You know that it could be named “The Cerberus.” and otherwise theres no grammar issues…


Fix yourself before you try and fix others. Learn to use capital letters.

It’s really good, but you somehow didn’t fully blur the guy falling out of the first ship, you just have to blur him over or motion blur him, it looks like he’s somehow standing out

Although the fire doesn’t make any sense at all (it’s right in the cockpit, the engine is in the back), it’s pretty cool.

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and that dropship isn’t ONLY used by cerberus

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Alright, i’m not a big fan of ME, next time will be carefully :3

Who cares it looks cool

I obviously care

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If someone made a faulty gun pose, they’d be all over that and criticising the fact that he is using the gun improperly or it’s the wrong model or whatever

Why am I exempt from doing this as well?

But it has Cerberus markings and their colors.

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Just sayin’.

Why can’t there be a fire in the cockpit? Why isn’t any of the material in there allowed to be flammable?

I know it makes more sense coming from an engine, but there are plenty of reasons for fire in the cockpit. Electrical fire, for starters…

whoa, excellent shot!

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Lovin’ the fire.