STOP the Tiling! How can I get just one copy of a material on a 1x1 plastic panel.

Hello coders.

I would like to make a lot of simple informational signs. I’m trying to make an educational / quiz mode. Using the material gun, and SAVES is the most efficient way to crank out levels but when I change a props texture I always get at least 4 copies 2 columns and 2 rows of my material. I know that this must be a simple material flag. I know that there is a FIT button in HAMMER editor, but I’m not using Hammer editor. I cannot find how to turn this tiling off. Can anyone help. BTW if any of you are rock star Valve creators and live in the Los Angeles area I would give some good money for lessons. I have a lot more questions than just this one, and I have good coding background. I just want a sure resource to get past little questions like this.



This doesn’t have anything to do with a tiling flag or hammer. ‘Tiling’ like that can happen in every single model if the model creator wants it to, and it’s a thing very difficult to remove because it’s part of the model’s UV map, which defines what part of the model has what texture at what part on it. If the UV map is scaled to be larger than the texture it’s using, then the texture wraps around.

Really the easiest way would be to recompile the model entirely with a rescaled UV map (which is probably going to be a pain in the ass if you’re not a modeller) - I could try to do this for you if you want but you probably use more than just that model so it’ll probably be tricky.

Also, your image link works if it’s just this:

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Also, if these props are meant to be for a gamemode then you probably shouldn’t be using default props to do it, you should probably be making your own or trying to get someone to make some for you, that’d probably be easier than recompiling the default models just to get the default texture right.

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I made a quick video just to try and show how the UV maps affect whether or not the texture is tiled:
Hopefully it explains a bit better than I did