STOP trash-talk

Hi to all,

I do this post becaufe it enough to have daily posts with Down syndrome , who only moan about dev .
then know already that alpha is not a game but a test version open to public to allow more back than when alphas were tested by 10 persons chosen . It gives you the opportunity to participate in the developement of the game to enable to have a stake in our expectation. Regarding the update , I want to prescisé that when they talked about weekly update , they never talk about the addition of contained each week. And maybe you were asking should be : we prefer that they come out of the update often but completely buggy or would it be better to be patient and have an update stable and well integrated .

Finally, if you want a complete set do not buy alpha and if your return is a complaint on dev that takes the time to give us things well , then stop REALLY alphas .


English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

Translated, it says that people should stop making posts such as “this game sucks” because it’s alpha.

I find this post insulting to people with Down Syndrome. You should apologize

I think he forgot how to English.

As far as i know… This is a forum, people are allowed to make threads and spread their thoughts aslong as it fits within the rules ofcourse.

Just don’t read them and go over it?

No kidding… First time I’ve seen someone go all the way to an exact form of disability rather than just saying “retard” or “retarted”…

I think someone needs to find a new English translation website.

stop projecting ur down syndrome at me