Stop users from crashing randomly

So my server usually has around 100 players on at peak hours of the day. The only problem with me keeping these players is that they frequently crash while playing on the server. At first I thought it was a couple of the cars we have and it was so I removed them. The problem continued to happen but not as often. When the players crash their screen freezes up for a couple seasons and then closes without any error message. Our workshop has 91 items in it and we have quiet a few addons on our server. The addons are really not the problem as the server can hold 100 with only a little lag. My question is would it fix the crashing problem if I were to combine these 91 workshop addons into say 10 server addon packs?

Does it happen with only light addons like ULX?

I can’t really test that because too many people play the server

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Would it help if I combined some of the addons together in the workshop?

Remove addons in chunks of 5 or 10 until the crashes stop

Please refer to previous post.

Use a test server

Calling ulx lite lawl