Stop Weapons Clientside

Hey all, I’m just trying to make it so when you press a button your mouse shows up but your keyboard is disabled (and your mouse works) without using a panel. How can I do this?

Wish I could help, I don’t think lua offers any functions for disabling the keyboard except for :MakePopup() which is for panels, which you stated you didn’t want to use. I may be wrong though.

And how do you think MakePopup freezes the player in the first place?

That’s for the mouse :

And that’s for disabling movement (there might be other, better ways) :

Oh I misread, I thought he wanted people to be able to use the keyboard, my bad.

A better way to disable movement is:

that’s serverside.

Are y’all sure Player.Freeze is clientside?

When using Freeze clientside it only disables mouse looking and not moving, but if the player clicks it unfreezes.


That’s what happens for me, may be different for others.

Well I’m not really sure there is a way for a player to tell itself it can’t move anymore. But that depends on what you’re trying to do of course.