Stop whining about "unraidable" bases

There’s only one kind of unraidable base in Rust, and it’s when an admin uses his tools to build a base that can’t be reached (such as out on an iceberg or somewhere underground. Otherwise, as I and many others have said time and time and time again, there is no such thing as an unraidable base. There are bases that are expensive or difficult to raid; building a well-constructed base with defense in mind is part of the game. So is learning how to attack such a base. Here, then, is my list of ways to attack an “unraidable” base. You may not always get the loot, but that’s life – you aren’t entitled to the loot. You may lose resources on the attack, but that’s life – you have to weigh whether or not raiding is worth it. You may accomplish nothing else but driving the players away to another server, but that’s your choice.

Climb the rocks. You DO know you can do this, right? Not all rocks are climbable, but many of them are.

Install an elevator. Build up a stack of half blocks, then jump down. Bring medkits. Attack from above. Install a sleeping bag or two up there so you and your buddies can come back anytime. BONUS: Build up a stack of half blocks, throw down your sleeping bags and supplies on the roof, destroy the blocks, then kill yourself and respawn up top. I watched a guy do this using nothing but his Newman rock and a whole lotta patience. That’s hardcore dedication.

Be vengeful. If you can’t have it, nobody can. Destroy everything you touch. Launch C4 from above or rockets from below. Blow up everything. You don’t get the loot, but neither do they.

Stalk. They have to come out sooner or later. Kill them.

Follow. They have to go in sooner or later. Wait until they’ve built stairs, THEN kill them. Run up the stairs and hide near the base of the base. Have a teammate waiting silently nearby. After you kill them, they’ll probably respawn inside. Have your teammate draw their fire. The player may assume there’s only one of you, and may waste time hunting for your teammate. While he’s away, attack the base. BONUS: Then throw a sleeping bag nearby so you can respawn later and come back.

Watch for decay. If you’re playing on a decay-enabled server, they may neglect to keep their foundation or walls in good shape. Shoot them out and you might destroy their tool cupboard – or at the very least, wipe out some of their loot.

Build a fence. Lay low and save up enough resources to build a fence around the base, as close as their tool cupboard allows you to get. For this purpose, sheet metal is best, because it will force them to use C4 or burn through a lot of tools. At a bare minimum, you should use stone. This will cause them to burn through their resources getting out / destroying the fence, and sends the message that you don’t like their base. Be sure to install some tool cupboards so they can’t just build over it. BONUS: Install a checkpoint and collect a toll for them to get out.

Social engineering. Get to know them. Ask to join their team. Work your way up until you have access to the loot. Once you do, get online while they’re offline and raid away. Steal all the loot, stash it somewhere far away, then blow up a door and some foundations to make it look like you were raided. BONUS: Instead of faking a raid to cover your tracks, get access to all the tool cupboards and redecorate their interior with paintings of dicks. Then box in all the doors / windows / escape points. Put bear traps everywhere.

Go outside. You’re in a survival situation. You have to shelter yourself from wild animals, hostile humans, and the elements. Are you going to build your shack on level ground where everyone can and will attack it? Or are you going to build somewhere with a tactical advantage, such as a rock plateau or maybe even up in a tree? Of course you’re going to capitalize on every advantage you have, so you’re going to build where it’s the most secure. That’s what people who build on rocks are doing, so stop whining. It isn’t “cheating”, it isn’t “hacking”, it isn’t “a bug”, it isn’t “an exploit”, and it isn’t “unfair”.

No matter which method you choose, you aren’t entitled to have the other players’ loot handed to you on a silver platter. You’ll have to work for it. Whether or not it’s worth the trouble is up to you.

Feel free to add any tactics you like!

As I posted in the other thread (which I’m sure at least partially inspired you to create this one…)

Indeed! You are my inspiration. :slight_smile: Actually I was going to reply in that thread, but I thought this warranted a new post. I think we’re seeing about 20% users who genuinely need help thinking up strategies to raid these bases, and 80% users who are FURIOUS that they now have to put a little effort into things.

I mostly agree with all of this. So far I’ve only encountered one rock base I wasn’t able to gain access to.

I really think we need portable ladders. I know the devs mentioned they are working on ladders, but the context of the statement suggested they would be akin to stairs (and thus not placeable without building privileges).

I will say that it is pretty frustrating I cannot place a wooden box or sleeping bag anywhere within the exclusion radius of the tool cupboard. If we could place a simple wooden box or furnace to use as a makeshift ladder to jump a bit higher up on rocks that would be more realistic and more fun in my opinion.

I guess I’m still not 100% on board with the mystic exclusion zone created by the tool cupboard. It still seems like a crutch for weak defenders, to me. Then again, I got used to pillaring the hell out of all the foundations around my base (in legacy) so people couldn’t build near it.

I’m very much enjoying the new base, but I remain frustrated with the artificiality of the tool cupboard exclusion zones. It makes no sense that the first person to build in an area can so easily exclude all other people from doing so with a magic box.

I also understand the devs have heard all the complaints and aren’t likely to change things, so I’m mostly just bitching and moaning because I can.

Amen. Siege-style ladders that can be propped against something would be great.

I agree 100%. However, I think it’s one of those shortcomings of Rust that we just have to get used to. The same unrealistic logic that says I can carry around enough lumber and stone to build a three-story stone house is the same unrealistic logic that necessitates the tool cupboard. Otherwise, everybody would just spend the game bricking everybody else in and collecting a toll.

I don’t know how much easier these lazy, entitled people want raiding to be. Like seriously, the good scores require time, effort and thought. If you try to apply “mugging in the park” and “smash and grab” ideology to a “high security museum art theft” scenario, it’s not going to work. Seems that this is the issue for most people. They want the big score, but aren’t willing to put the time and effort into it.

Rock Bases: pretty much all the new tall rocks can be climbed to some degree. Many you can climb all the way up to hack at the foundations with tools. Others you can’t get all the way up, but you can get close enough to toss C4 at it. How much fucking easier do you need it to be?

Water bases: admittedly these were extremely difficult previously because you couldn’t swing tools or place C4 in water, and you couldn’t jump on ledges from water. The only way to get in was to tower from the shore and rain C4 from above. All those advantages have now been mitigated. A water base takes extra effort to raid, but it’s nowhere near the difficulty it used to be. The only way it could get easier is to leave the doors open for people to walk right in.

As for elevator bases, as well as the other 2 mentioned, there are FUCKING ROCKETS NOW, you whiny, entitled bastards. How much fucking easier to you want raiding to be?

Even before these changes, I’ve never been unsuccessful at raiding or destroying a base. If I determined that a base was worth my time and effort, either I got inside or the base was removed from existence. Sometimes, I hit the mother lode. Other times, I lost large as I ended up destroying most of the loot in said base by the time I got in. Yet other times, it was attacks on rival factions / clans where the goal was to remove the base and deny them their loot / resources and we got nothing out of it for our time. But in all cases, I’ve never failed at raiding or destroying anything I set out to raid. Once I get my hands on a rocket launcher and rocket BPs, that will get even easier (still haven’t gotten my hands on them).

Climb the rocks. Don’t bother building on rocks people get jealous about them and make you a target, the only time you should build on rocks is to build a Raider Trap Building, fill them with traps and empty boxes.

Install an elevator. Clever people don’t need them

Be vengeful. Don’t build anything people would really want to be vengeful about, clever people build multiple small places with loot hidden in clever spots so when raided nothing of import is found. Vengeful people still wear diapers anyway.

Stalk. Do not build anywhere near objects that people can lurk behind that includes bushes and rocks. If you have to make sure you are as far away from it as you can

Follow. Always assume you are not safe the moment you are outside your home, do a quick security sweep around your place before setting out. Remember only carry what you need, and set a single goal, for example if you’re only going out for wood only take a stone hatchet nothing else, minimize your risks by minimizing your goals.

Watch for decay. A clever person doesn’t have to worry too much about decay because they don’t hide their important stuff inside their home in the first place

Build a fence. If this happens to you then you know you don’t need to worry because you’re clever, you didn’t keep anything important inside your base anyway, so suicide then respawn else where and relocate to one of your other small bases

Social engineering. In Rust, No one is your friend, The first thing you must realize and understand is that, YOU have tRust issues, if some one wants to join your team tell them no, you’ll join theirs, Never let them in your house its too small for two anyway. This will discourage them and make them think you have nothing. Always lie to them never let your ego brag about stuff that you have. Play the cool aloof brooding lone wolf warrior type. Keep your emotions under control. Pretend you’re a noob. Innocence is the best place to hide a cunning mind.

Go outside. You will spend most of your time outside moving from base to base setting up individual locations, ten of them, all over the map. Only carry what you need in between places

Train yourself to accept loss, this is the most important factor in surviving Rust, Apathy is your salvation. All the stuff in Rust is just 1’s and 0’s anyway. Heroes and Lone Wolves DO NOT give a Fuck.

You are not special, remember these four words, Confident, Cocky, Lazy, Dead, the progression you’ll experience if you are not mentally vigilant in your survival tactics.

Learn to listen to your intuition, it will warn you of an impending death or approaching danger, go back to base the moment you randomly think of it. Better its a false alarm than dead.

Small places are easier too look after and will cost less in maintenance. Build them with triangles not squares, triangles fit more important stuff in a Hexagon than a single square does, and you;ll only need, a campfire, furnace, sleeping bag and a single box for food and bandages in each place. Its ok to put the repair bench outside behind your place too.

Best place to hide stuff??..not under the bushes there is a better place :wink:

Sorry but I 100% disagree with you, unraidable bases destroy rusts gameplay and right now cupboards and rock bases are completely broken and need much adjusting.

I’m sorry the current game state is a crutch for you but it needs fixing.

Unraidable bases are in the same category as Santa Claus and honest politicians. They just don’t exist, regardless how much you claim them to.

But by all means, keep putting self-imposed restrictions on yourself. The only person hurting your gameplay is yourself.

They completely exist. Unraidable bases are bases that just plain arent worth raiding. If someone has a base built on rocks with cupboard spam within armored 1x1s littered everywhere it’s just not worth it. It’s too easy to pull this off.

Not worth it =/= unraidable. Because you’re not willing to put the time and resources into it doesn’t mean it’s unraidable.

And if you can’t climb a rock and attach C4 to the base or shoot rockets at it, then that’s your problem, not everyone else’s.

You’re completely missing the point. You shouldn’t have to play guess and check with tons of 1x1s floating around a base before actually getting to the base. Even if you take out all those the distance is so huge on cupboards that you still can’t build next to the rock most of the time. Shoot rockets at it? What does that do. You still can’t get up there yourself and fight or loot.

I don’t know why you’re so blindly defending a currently broken mechanic of the game.

Wait. Santa doesn’t exist!

When cupboard spam blocks you from climbing a rock to use C4 or blocks a rocket launcher from firing within its radius, then you’ll have a valid point.

Again, because you haven’t figured out how to overcome the challenge doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You seem to impose artificial restrictions on yourself, despite other people successfully raiding these bases all the time. I managed to do it. Others manage to do it. It’s not impossible. It just takes more effort and better strategy to do than something that’s on the ground.

Sorry about your reading skills, I guess.

I’m sorry the current game state is a crutch for you but you need to learn how to play.

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It destroys their base. Oh, I’m sorry – did you assume that you’re ENTITLED to whatever is inside?

I just gave you a list of ways to raid bases that you call “unraidable”. Apparently you feel that my suggestions are “too hard” and should be “easier”. That’s not a broken game mechanic; that’s you being lazy and unskilled.

I need to learn how to play because people need easymode rock bases and cupboard spam as their safety net.

Got it.

Like it or not the current state of the game is cancerous and it will be changed. There’s absolutely 100% no way cupboards are going to stay as they are.

Sorry about your lack of reading comprehension. Try reading and implementing the suggestions above. Everything you’ve come up with, we’ve presented ways around. If you don’t feel that the raid is worth the time and effort, then that’s a successful base design. The only possible argument against this is that you’re somehow entitled to that loot without work, which seems to sum up your attitude.

Garry has said in the past that cupboards are temporary. Nobody is disputing this.

Nice so the issue will fix itself, awesome.

And even with this, it’s not impossible. It just takes more resources. Take out the cupboards. Build a fence. Stalk the players. He just has to re-read post #1, but it looks like he’s decided to ignore all those inconvenient facts.

You say that but it’s just plain not practical. You shouldn’t HAVE to do that at all. This is the whole point of this thread. It’s a stupid mechanic that needs to go sooner than later.