Stop Workshop items from downloading?

So I have a PC at home where I usually play gmod on and have a lot of workshop files downloaded there. This week, I am out of town and brought my Mac with me. Im trying to join a gmod server but because of all the workshop files and the server files downloading at the same time, my game always crashes, I at least have 100 workshop items I am subscribed to. So is there a way for you to stop all the workshop items from installing without unsubscribing them.

No there isn’t without unsubscribing from them. Maybe you could try playing it in offline mode on Steam? Just a theory.

Main menu > Addons > Disable All

It won’t remove them but it will turn them off.

Disabling them still downloads them unfortunately

I have the same problem

I have a similar problem where when it gets to a certain addon my game crashes. So I can’t play it while it’s online.

Unsub from that addon from Workshop website.