"Stop Your Vehicle!"

Carrying contraband.

Wanted to do something cyberpunkish with the Neotokyo models.

Ricehats from Vietnam pack, swords from melee pack, mercedes from Insurgency pack other vehicles and map from NeoTokyo mod.

What’s up with the guy in the back seat?

It’s the robot torso from NeoTokyo, in this case contraband.

Nice pic :smiley: The lights needs more work I guess but rest of the editing is ok.

Nice posing, nice props usage.

Aaaah, now there’s some attention to detail.

Pretty cool.

Looks really good! Though, guy in car beats guys on motorcycles, I bet.

They guy in the back with the samurai sword could slash his tires out, though…

Nice job
"Stop your vehicle! WE WANT “THE BOOBIES!”
Hey most people nick named that in the game XD


^^^^^Than that be in checkerboards not like that its part of a sign…
Theres no missing texture…

Awesome idea and execution, but I don’t think motorcycle cops do wheelies

awesome pictue, best one I’ve seen in a long time. Great editing, great posing, and a lot of stuff going on.

This is my new wallpaper, btw

Here’s some fitting thread music

It’s a cover of a well-known 80’s song by an industrial band. It doesn’t get more cyberpunk than that.

they do in the future

That is totally awesome.

I wish I lived in the future

I beg to differ, unfortunately I don’t really relate industrial with cyberpunk.

More inspirational music cyberpunkwise at least for me would be for example NYC Streets:

One of my all time favorites.

And the Order Of Death:

To me Cyberpunk is very 80’s.

awesome, man!
70079. number of car


** W.I.N**

Moto-Terminators :ninja:

As for the pic, I like it. It has the “epic chase scene” feeling. There’s also that near-future athmosphere too. Well executed.