stopped looting through walls

Last update was fixed looting through walls. But how it works?
It happened today. I’m standing in my house, while an intruder standing behind him. The moment I opened the door he came in the house, but not through the doorway, he came through the back wall.

I’d say that he’s probably managed to get into to your house but the lag made it look like it he didn’t. Either that, or he’s using some kind of no clip hack.

Was this about 15 hours ago on the southern zombie-field off the road? Because I semi-remember your name and think that might have been me.

I went through the front door if thats the case. Too bad you got me on the way out.

i have different nickname. you’re wrong.

Oh, what is your actual question then mate? If someone who ACTUALLY walked through your wall was noclipping? The answer sort of has to be yes.

However, finding it incredibly strange that he would enter when you left your house if he could walk through the walls, and not just waltz right in.

I think the looting threw walls was fixed but speed hacking and no-clipping through rocks/ground has been common the last few days.

It wasn’t fixed. I stole a ton of metal fragments through a wall from some dude on a packed server…

I booked it as soon as I heard the door open and watched him run in the wrong direction. Was too funny.

So you are one of those guys…

I was getting killed constantly by people camping spawns. I stopped caring about other people on that server. Plus it was really really funny for me.