Stopper's amazing directional lights tutorial (Advanced stuff here, guys)

Lazy, sloppy, shitty, but if you manage to do it, it’s worth it.

Luce download:

Questions go here. Comments too. And I appreciate both (Even questions.)


Very useful man,Thanks.

M’eh, I’m not convinced by the effect. I prefer to play with the selection’s feather and render => lightning. I also suggest you guys give a look at Mystical 2.0, it can be useful sometimes.

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Nice job on the tutorial itself tho, might prove itself useful.

Oh man, I remember back in 2006 or so when one dude used Luce and everyone in this section went crazy over it.

Bah, what was that guy’s name, was it 5omeone that used it? Get your asses in here, vets.

God DAMN IT, I broke it, there was supposed to be some text after the last picture.

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Ok, this is like the fourth time I’m fixing it, hopefully should be ok now. Bleh.

The only reason I’m not gonna put this in the sticky is because last time people found out about this filter it got RAPED TO DEATH for weeks.