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Well, about damn time I did this. A compilation thread of my own. I’m so fucking proud of myself it’s unbelievable. So… I’m going to post the pictures I’ve made with the thread link and with some comment below. (Pictures are in chronological order)
Original pictures in each thread.

“Silent Snow”

Fucking generic right there. From the name, to the shitty angle, to the washed out colors. First ever attempt to make snow in Photoshop.

“Calm Down!”

I am actually pretty proud of this one. This is when I learned that using the Dodge/Burn tool can lead to some pretty cool shit. And that shadows in Source have jagged edges. And that clocks float. There is some re-texturing on the guy too.

“Peace with your destiny”

First attempt at rain and at turning day into night. Also my first ever attempt to draw flowing blood. With a mouse. Turned out “kind of” well.

“War isn’t an easy thing”

First WWII pose. I wanted to keep it simple, but I decided to try out some new shit and in the process forgot to add Depth of Field. This is when I first tried to make cloth in Photoshop. I love you Dodge/Burn. Some re-texturing is evident on the gravestones. Also, TF2 styled bullet holes.

“I’m the Night Prowler”

Named after the song. Not proud with this at all. I was really inspired into making something like this, but I expected better results. Day to night, anyone?

“dm_runoff0004” a.k.a. “I’m an artistic whore - I’ll make everything B&W except one thing”

Some heavy editing right here. It’s pretty old, but I posted it not so long ago. I don’t like it too much, but everybody else does. Weird, huh?

“dm_steamlab0020” a.k.a. “Alyx’s late-night shift”

Playing around with lightning. Also, what’s with the map-thread names, huh? Nothing too special. Pretty bland and boring, actually.

“Cross the Line”

I actually like the result here. First attempt at using lamps actively in a scene. Shadows are cool and jagged.

“Shake your foundations”

Yeah, I like AC/DC. I learned what an anamorphic lens flare is. First “pose” with Mass Effect 2 models.

Comments, questions, rating. Do it please - it makes me feel special.

you’ve been making screens for what, maybe a month or two at best?

not a good idea making a compilation thread. i’ve been doing this for three years and even then i should’ve waited a few months more at least.

I like it but there need to be more zombies.

More like… Three years. I have another account that was perma’d and the threads were eaten by “time-warp”. That’s what we called it, right?

not to start a shitfight, but if you’ve been doing this three years and this is what you’re turning out… i really suggest you get some practice in and slow it down. one decent screenshot in six months is worth a thousand bad or mediocre ones.

i can imagine you didn’t get a lot of useful crit over those three years, that can’t have helped.

No, it was more like: I post picture, it gets eaten away by generic crap (Even then), I don’t get any criticism. So, I didn’t post so much and most of the things I did post were just eaten away. So, that’s a product of three years of criticizing myself.

Bump is your way to go

yeah, unfortunately that’s how fp rolls. good stuff dies after maybe two posts and rubbish floats to the top. it makes me wonder why i even came back, most of my work doesn’t get seen let alone criticised.

I feel bad when bumping my threads.

Its the goddamn internet

Yeah… Most people don’t bother.