Stopping garrys mod downloading steam workshop files.

I wanted to get rid of my steam workshop stuff, so i deleted the addons folder. Used this, To unsubscribe all. After a bit of using it, all addons weer ofc unsubscribed. Great!
But now, It still downloads the files. What do I do?

That means you did not unsubscribe from them. Unsub from Steam client, not from game.

The thing is, there’s nothing in my subbed items.

I think that some random bug is going around because ive been looking at 100 post on steam about this.

So is there no fix… Or…

There’s no way your game will try to download workshop addons if your sub list is empty. The only exception is when you are joining servers and downloading server content

So i’m screwed, pretty much.

at least until the missing subscribed addon’s issue is fixed.