Stopping Pillar and Foundation Decay on Elements Not Connected To Your Base...

Hey guys! So I surrounded my base with foundations and pillars so no one could build up to it and blow in the top floor as easily. Question tho, I’m noticing they are decaying…what can I do to stop this? Do I have to put a wood frame and wood door on each foundation? Can I do something else to stop it? I’ve noticed that once decay started it’s burning everything down like a wild fire and in a few hours time I feel like I’ll be defenseless.

you can repair it with wood.

I have a single metal foundation in front of my house with a single pillar in the middle the height of my base. I stacked 5 ramps on top of the foundation and use it occasionally to jump on some rocks. Its been there for 3 weeks and hasn’t decayed a bit. Not sure why though. Might do a test with like 5 wood ramps stacked on a foundation and see how that works.

I know the decay on wood is insane

If you repair with wood, will it reset the decay time? Also, I can’t reach pillars that are 3 high it seems as they aren’t taking any repairs =/

Camp fire on each foundation, light for a second once a day, problem solved.

nice, ty

So I did this…I placed about 38 camp fires around my base but I’m still getting decay on those pillars and foundations =/ this stinks…the only real viable defense against raiders takes an insane amount of time to maintain.

Any other options? I’m about to put a wall and door on each of them…

The campfires have to be ON the foundations, 1 per. And you have to use those campfires once a day (or once every 4 days for metal)

yeah, they are on them. i’ve been running them once per day but I’m still seeing decay =/

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Here’s what I’ve got. As you can see some of the pillars are decaying, the tops decayed completely so I replaced them. The fires are on the foundations but they are still decaying even though I run them daily. I thought I may have been doing it to quick so I put about 2-3 wood in each fire and just let them burn out.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that opening your door resets the decay timer on anything connected to that foundation.

You are correct, issue is that I don’t have anything connected to these so I was curious if there was anything I could do short of putting a door on each lol

I still dont get decay. I had a huge metal house on a offical server. Stopped playing for like 3 weeks and came back it was still there, no repairs needed. My only explanation was the top was open for people to walk around in may have reset everytime someone came exploring. But then i logged back in a week later and the entire thing (3 floors) had decayed down to foundation

The camp fire used to work, both them and doors were classed as ‘interaction’. Disappointed to hear that camp fires hasn’t panned out as the solution, you don’t really have any other options short of a sea of doors… :confused:

Has anyone else had issues with using camp fires to reset decay?

Side note, does putting another pillar on top reset the decay timer completely or just for that “level” of the structure?

It would be a reasonable assumption that adding a pillar would do that, but I can’t say 100% as I haven’t tested it.

The other problem is most decay destruction happens within a short period, so unless you added a pillar per RL day then you might come home from work/school to find them all gone in one short burst.