How do i do stopsounds within a lua function to stop a surface.PlaySound?
worked it out. RunConsoleCommand(“stopsounds”)
Thanks anyway.

What about stoping the player death sound after one play?

I have a bit of lua I’m failing on, you see, once the sound plays it never stops save exiting to the main menu and stop sounds wont work either.

function OverrideDeathSound()
	return true
    hook.Add("PlayerDeathSound", "DeFlatline", function() return true end) 
local noise = Sound("flatline.wav")  
hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "NewSound", function(vic,unused1,unused2) vic:EmitSound(noise) end)

I got this from another thread from this dude trying to do the same thing, change the death sound. It works but, like I mentioned the sound plays forever… Help please?