Store RCON command response in variable

Is there any way I can use a lua variable to store the response of an RCON command? For example, if I wanted to store the response of the “status” RCON command, is there something similar to this code that I could use (I already tried this, didn’t work)

	local commandResponse = RunConsoleCommand("status");

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Alright, I didn’t really think so.
Is there any way at all I can read from the console? Maybe like read the latest thing that was printed?

There are a few modules that do what you want.

Do you know of any specifically?

Thank you, I’ll check those out

First one seems to work at first, then when I change anything in the example file it makes the server crash… Will try one of the others in a little while

What information exactly are you trying to get from the status command? Just that it was run?

It’s not always going to be the “status” command. The server is querying a MySQL database for commands to run, and say if one of those commands was “status”, I’d like to be able to send the response back to MySQL.