Store system

I’m going to have a server set up, but I’m in need of a store system where you can buy hats, trails or playermodels. If someone could make me one, you don’t know how much I would appreciate that. It has to have a timer where players get 5 dollars per 5 minutes.
The store menu would be toggleable by pressing F1.

Thank you.

There is actually a easy to use release somewhere, i don’t know where i saw it though, lemme try find it.


Argh, i thought i knew where it was, appears i don’t, sorry.

[DEL]NPC sellers or what ?[/DEL] Stooped.

Who will get $5 every 5 minutes?

Players inside the server, obviously.

Yea, but your request is a store system, so you want a money system aswell, or just that timer ?

Oh, yes, a money system as well.


I can’t be bothered to painstakingly code my own, I’ll just get a friend to code it for me. Thanks for help anyways.

Oh well, just copy paste and then you have the code for the money system, then make the Shop Menu by using the Derma Designer.

Well, whatever suits you.