Hi, I run the Resident 2 gamemode on gmod and I’m in need of a store. You earn one credit per minute, these credits build up over time so you can buy items, such as;

Trails - Visual, doesn’t help
Weapons - Unique weapons that have perks, such as slowing zombies, burning zombies or just generally being more powerful
Armour - Add an armour bonus to your character, damage resistance for example.

If anyone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it, I might also be able to pay!


How many weapons are you talking about?
Are the weapons pre-made or will they have to be made?
Does it matter what the shop looks like?

I can provide all the weapons and models, the shop can just be a simple GUI. A preview doesn’t have to exist, though would look cool!

Can anyone help with this?

Are the SWEPS already coded and what not?

There not coded, but I can get hold of the basic weapons pretty easily, the burn / freeze bit I have no idea how to do.

You might want to request the weapons first before asking for a menu for SWEPS that don’t exist.

Ok cool, thanks.

I would help you but I don’t like making sweps as much as fun as it sounds :stuck_out_tongue: Ill create a basic menu for you though whenever you need it.

To be honest, I can use already made guns, e.g. CSS weapons, just with special effects such as freezing, burning, more damage, potential instant kill etc.

Well give me the names of all the guns you need inside of the store and i’ll try to finish later.

Well, we could start off with some basic ones. Four guns I reckon.


Class names too with model names.

I’m not 100% sure you mean by class names, but for model names use these;


We’ll just use them for start, I can’t find the other model names atm.

I’m off to work in an hour so after that I wont be able to update for a good four-five hours.

Class names is what you name the folder containing the code for the swep.


This is what I made for you message back if you want it:

haha niice! That is perfect! Could you tell me how to put a description under it, and how to put a price to it. E.G. credits (One earn’t every minute)

Yeah sure i’ll fix it up more for you later. So you want me to create a money system for you too?

If you could that would be awesome. It only needs to be a simple thing though, one credit per minute of play time which can be used to buy items in the store!