Storeage room map

Ok, this might seem like a stupid question, but it has been driving me a little bit insane lately.

I remember to have been on a map a while ago, but I don’t know witch one. I really liked it but now I can’t find it anywhere.The only thing I remember is a combine-style building in it with some force fields and stuff where there was a sort of storage room with a one-way portal to it. you could press a button to open up a portal the other way though. Does anyone have a clue on witch map this could be?

Thanks, newtonseple

Am i doing something wrong not getting an answer to this

if you downloaded the map from a server, then it will be in your map folder, and be you can select it from you’re map selection menu.

Just look through the maps you have on GMod, and (unless you reinstalled GMod or deleted a bunch of stuff, etc.) you should find it eventually.

OK thanks. Will do.