What about getting GMOD 10 available in stores, cause no one from my family has an credit card, and my dad isn’t gonna get one either!

never gonna happen, you obviously don’t understand the logistics in getting Gmod put onto disk, then shipped out in it’s millions to stores around the world, would take more money than garry has, and i doubt valve would let him do it, seeing as it is just a mod of their game.

More money then he has?
So where does the money go people pay for it?

Maybe still too much, but obviously i wouldnt mind it just being in some stores in England.
No problem if i’m on vacation there, and then get the game.

It would cost more then the profit from doing so would be. That’s it.

You can get a debit card that’s tied to a bank account and it will work just like a credit card online.

My dad doesn’t trust those stuff.
Neither does my brother.

And some people think the moon landing was fake and that the government did 9/11. It’s okay, everyone has some irrationally stupid beliefs. Please enjoy not being able to buy things online, while I do have one of those and can buy stuff. (I’m 14)

I’m 12


Sucks for you :v:

I’m 4 but I’m gonna be 5.

Wooh! And instead of i give u a present, u give me GMOD! :smiley:

First of all, you need a source game before getting Gmod

prepayed debit card

Then that makes me Dr. Shwartzoffour! :stuck_out_tongue:


Get a friend to gift it to you.

Well, you are probably not going to get the game then, unless you buy one of those “ULTIMATE GIFT CARDS” that work like discover cards. I think you can get those at some stores.