Stories from Deserters- pilot.

This idea has taken a while to get going. By “a while” I mean two years.
Multiple revisions, and one “nearly forgetting” situation has finally given me the energy to try and realize this dream.
So this is for you to try out, tell me how I should improve before I really get things going…
This also serves as an apology, for all of my mistakes and horrible creations in this section, it was fun for me, but you guys probably didn’t enjoy any of it.
So here my attempt to make something a little “good”.
Tell me if you like, and I’ll do more with this, the whole focus is multiple stories of different people in this world and their struggles.
Thank you.
You may remember this banner, back when this was still an idea in the back of my mind, and it went under the title of Deserter- 001

You now know it was as Deserters.

It’s divided into seven sections.


Sexy shit bro

Why would you stretch out frames after going through all the trouble of post processing?

Also, the new thumbnail system doesn’t really help with viewing. You should combine images or display them fullsize.

Going to try to work on those problems next time around, thanks.

speech bubbles hurt my eyes :frowning:

cool stuff

Ouch, this is extremely weird.

Pros :
-Lightning (mind blown)
-Story (seems nice)

Cons :
-Work on those damn Speech Bubbles, I can help if you’re using photoshop
-Do not ever stretch a picture like that. Either crop or do it properly.

I agree with Bubba. The posing and postprocessing is amazing, but the editing and layout completely butcher it. I’m not sure what’s really going on here.

I’m thinking you’re just new to whatever editing program you’re using. If that’s the case, ask someone to help you out! Find some tutorials! Look around, see how other people do good-looking comics (like Jim_Riley’s Beyond Borders).

You’ve got some good stuff here. I’d hate to see it suffer due to a lack of editing skills. Take bubba up on his offer, and see what all he can help you with. :buddy:

looks great , the story line is good so do keep it up

I personally like the speech bubbles

Nicely done Castro.

Thank you for all of the feedback for this one, I’ll be sure to work on all of the problems brought up here.