Stories of District Zero Teaser Trailer

I will be working on a serious machinima project that will take quite some time, but some people have asked me to give clues or anything to what it will be like and I’ve given out no clues until this trailer which doesn’t tell much, which is what I am going for. If you don’t like it I’m sorry for wasting your time but if you did thats great and feel free to put a like on the video or subscribe.

  • change font
  • add color preset
  • shaky effect or PC lag?
  • song was good but got boring afterwards
  • the teaster/trailer didn’t showed a damn thing, or is it just another acopalypse video?!

This won’t end good I’m sorry, but you have cancer

Audio is good
Anti alias is lacking
FPS is lacking
colormod/bloom to enhance effects/colors also works good if youre not big on editing