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CGRP Stories

Written by Grim n’ Caen

Posing by Grim

Editing by Caen (scream and cp speech bubbles ripped from an old comic tutorial)

Creds: A guy who knows about Max Payne will see references, our main source of inspiration was the max payne 2 theme song ^^

Also, ‘Committ’ and ‘Blody’, we know, sorry n_n

C&C please :smiley:

Pretty cool, not bad.

yeah, pretty good… some panels are rather lacking light though— is this black and white? or is it just me?

i can tell the font is red and all that

Yeah, it was meant to be black and white. Sort of a noir theme.

Please C & C if you view this, we are thinking of continuing the story (well, we just finished issue 4), so we’d like to know what you think of it so far.

LOl, ironic ending.

This is all that happens on TnB, it’s fun and games until a CP comes in and ruins it all

Thread Music

Tru dat, whenever grim needs inspiration, that’s the song he plays :smiley:

Does 3 comics at once

Not exactly the quietest assassin in the world!
I enjoyed the comic.

Well this sertainly sticks out from the other piece of shit on this comic section.

The Oleg Sminrov guy sort of was a buzzkill, he wasn’t as nearly as cool as an urban assassin.

I’d just keep with the urban assassin and come up with a story.

These are the first three of eight introduction comics we’ve done so far, we’re trying hard to get the story to connect together, so some comics will be a bit less action packed, while others will have much action, but we hope to maintain a good balance. We’ll post an official thread once we’ve done more of the comics.


But seriously, these are good. Love the whole noir theme you’ve got going on and I really love the quick introductions, they’re immersive but brief, just what you need when introducing multiple characters. I assume future characters (please tell me there’ll be future characters) will all somehow be tied in like Oleg and the Assassin were?

Ewic Pin.

I like.

Pretty Good. Maybe work on your gun posing(where the fingers are placed and how the gun is held.) and other things(standing, walking, etc). Effects weren’t too bad but if you got a hold of GIMP or Photoshop you could go farther with it. Story for the assassin seemed cliche.

So, overall it was ok. Though with some improvements maybe you could revive the good comics that always came out those years ago, before the flood of shit.

Wow, this thread its kinda old ;d but a nice bump, this comic is really entertaining.

rated 303, how ironic