Storing dough in the Stove

How do i make it so the stove must have at least 3 dough to make bread, cause when i put 1 dough in it starts cooking, where i don’t want it to start cooking until theres 3 pieces of dough inside of the stove.

What? Do you know lua? Do you have any entities? What did you try?

Im new to lua, I have a stove entity and a dough entity. I also have a bread entity. I want it so when i put 3 dough inside the stove out comes bread, What i’ve got so far is when i put one dough in it makes a bread, I dont want it to start cooking until i’ve put 3 pieces of dough inside the stove to create 1 bread.

Phew, for a second I thought you talking about buns in the oven and was kinda worried what kind of mod this is

It would probably help to show your code, unless you assume we’re psychics that can solve your problems with internet magic.

Your just annoyed that your Hogwarts letter never arrived.

Take advantage of the fact that each entity is its own table. Just store the variable in the table and on ENT:Touch() make that variable do

ent.dough = ent.dough + 1

and remove the dough. Detect when 3 pieces of dough goes in, start cooking.