storing items in sleeping bag

I have been placing sleeping bags around the map while gathering. I hope to come back to gather the hidden loot and minimize my losses.
I would like to see the ability to store some items IN my sleeping bag, rather that having to create storage boxes.
If sleeping bag is destroyed, good bye stuff.

If you could not respawn becouse you have items inside the sleeping bag then it would be a “good” idea

just build a small crate next to your sleeping bags.

Small crate is too big to hide in a bush very well. Need small pouch like in legacy.

While lanterns don’t need fuel you can hide your stuff at lanters. It’s like the new small stash

We should have the ability to dig small stash spots. I don’t need the ground to be fancy and go under. Just place a little dirt area where it was freshly dug.

there’s a small stash on trello, figure it’s just awaiting implementation. has been archived.

H1Z1 has a nifty idea for that, you can craft a small shovel. It’s only use is to dig a stash hole. Will hold many items and the stash is damn near impossible to detect unless you know where you put it. Even if you DO know where you put it it’s damn hard to find again lol I would LOVE it if Rust would implement something similar.

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Then introduce a metal detector BP to find all those stashes! lol