Storing results of query into a table with mysqloo?

So i need some help, I cant work out how to do this. Basically i need to store the results into a table, this is what ive tried so far:

query = ULXDatabaseObject:query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE group ='superadmin'")
rankTable = query:getData()

However when i print it i get a hex number or something.

Please can someone clear this up for me?

Do you get something like “table: 2X011A”?

Yeah something along those lines

Try using PrintTable() instead of print()

It just prints

Can you show us exactly what does the print (when you just run print() on it) return?

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And what MySQL library you’re using too

Im using MySQLOO and when i do it prints what you said earlier, but the hex changes.

That means it’s a table.

Are you sure you’re actually fetching data? It might be a blank mysql table.