Storm is coming, my friend, prepare

I don’t want to be an ass, but how come your DeviantArt is full of Wanr’s works?

Lol, just 3 works is not a full. We made several works together

I saw some works from you on dA. Now I mean the older ones. They look pretty cool, keep it up.

Editing sucks so much. Colors are cliche. Raindrops? More like cumdrops. You can’t even do a proper chroma key (just look at those cut projector light shafts, OMFG). Also #unsharp_mask_rape.

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Lol, just saw a man in the thing’s hand. It’s just extra-tiny. Ever heard about composition?

our lord has returned to us

Ho does it feel to wear a feather up your ass? Not to mention going full retard and butthurt. Great comeback, -1/10

I like the theme of the picture. The sharpening seems really over the top though sadly.

you clearly don’t know who Faraon is

Yeah, I know. Just because someone does nice editing doesn’t mean he’s allowed to behave like a total ass. Thought that’s quite obvious, but it seems it’s not.

praising lord Faraon is the best way to disregard his comments

all hail

all praise lord of the edgy postmodern abstract chromatic aberration grain filter dildos

i feel dumb when i accidentally rate something dumb
T_T why can’t you unrate things?
** edit
nevermind you can just refresh and rerate AHAHAHAHAHA

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turn around and don’t come back please, thank you.