Storm_Trooper Citizens headhack pack

Here is the 9 males heads on storm_trooper body. (storm_trooper models and helmet include)

downside: they are not fingerposable

Enjoy :wink:

p.s. The map is “de_tydirium_b1” here !

Holy hell, yes! 'cept, Storm trooper’s are clones.

Cool I was gonna do this but never got round to it ^^ I think they will be useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Easily fixed.

I have try but with the bones of citizens the compilation crash, then i use the bones of the storm_trooper original and he dont have finger bones, just one bone for the hand.

Fucking win.

Actually no there not, the empire started recruiting soldiers after the clone wars.

Some are clones, but some are also recruited.

If we already have Storm Trooper Models, will this conflict or something?
Just wondering.

Nice headhackings btw ^^

No they aren’t, but they are at the same time.

As of the Galatic Civil War/Episode V, Stormtrooper Corps take recruits in, either as actual stormtroopers(Most likely) and clone templates(less likely but still common).



Very awesome. Could you do space marine citizens as well? Would be cool.

You can add them on you know, as long as you name them right (and remember to rig the fingers to them).

No problem, the models of storm_trooper is hexed too :wink:

Thanks for the info mate, gonna download this when I get home :slight_smile:

What map is that?


I have been thinking of this idea for god knows how long but I never knew how to model

Oh fuck incoming shitty poses. Shame, those are some great models.

Read better mate!

Nice job man!

Posted before the edit mate!

You have no idea how much I love you right now. :dance:

No homo :buddy:

OH YEAH!That’s amazing