Its a dream ive had for a while. A gamemode based of the show stormchasers on discovery channel. So im finally going to try to do something about it. I have no idea where to start making a gamemode. So i will need some help.
Here are my ideas…

A RP format where you choose your job which will give you the proper vehicle for that job. this will be based of the show. Each job will be a team such as twistex or rotate…
Teams ||| Jobs (For that team) ||| Vehicles (for that job)

-TIV ||| TIV Driver ||| TIV 1 or TIV 2
||| TIV Navigator ||| TIV 1 or 2
||| TIV Cam Turret Operator ||| TIV 1 or 2
|||TIV Meterilogist 1 ||| TIV Doghouse (Dodge RAM)
||| TIV Meterilogist 2 ||| TIV Doghouse (Dodge RAM)

-TVN ||| TVN Driver ||| SRV Dominator
||| TVN Navigater ||| SRV Dominater

-Twistex ||| Lead truck Driver ||| GMC Sierra (or a black truck with campertop)
||| Lead truck navigator/Team leader ||| GMC Sierra (or a black truck with campertop)
||| Following instrument car driver ||| Chevy 4 door car ( or any other small car)

-Rotate or Vortex 2||| DOW Driver ||| DOW (or a similar truck with a dopplar radar)
||| DOW Navigater ||| DOW (or a similar truck with a dopplar radar)
||| DOW Radar operator/ Team leader ||| DOW (or a similar truck with a dopplar radar)
||| Scout driver ||| Scout (Old Nissan pathfinder, or Jeep wrangler)
|||Scout Navigater ||| Scout (Old Nissan pathfinder, or Jeep wrangler)

Of course the TIV, SRV Dominator, and DOW will have to be modeled and turned into vehicles. But only one of the TIVs( TIV 1 or TIV 2 ) nee to be modeled.
The antennas and radars will have to be modeled also.
I was also thinking of a serious and lite version. The lite is you build your own equipment and serious is using the modeled version. I would always play serious just for a better exprience.

Ok so the point is to work together to collect data and video from the storm and tornado.

There doesn’t have to be a map right away but when the time comes it has to be a back road countryside setting with farms and dirt road. One like or almost like monkeyjoe’s map was going to be.

Here are some Vehicle pics



SRV Dominator


Scout Truck

TIV Doghouse

Twistex truck

Twistex car

Now for the team’s job purposes

TIV - Intercept the tornado and record video and data
TIV doghouse- get the TIV in position to intercept

TVN - intercept th tornado record video and data/ drop video probes

Rotate/Vortex 2 DOW - scan the area with the radar, help the TIV intercept(optional)
Rotate/Vortex 2 Scout - Drop probes

Twistex - drop probes and record data

Some SWEPS we might need
-IMAX cam for TIV
-Raising and lowering sides for TIV
-Raising and lowering SRV body
-Dopplar radar that spins on DOW

Some Models we need
-TIV Doghouse
-and twistex vehicles
-Twistex probes
-TVN probes
-Rotate/Vortex 2 probes

It may be easy to modify dark rp and make probe shipments. But the weather will be the hardest part in this. Mabe use weathermod ?

Sorry for this mess of a post.
I had to choose between gamemodes or LUA requests so if i am wrong please dont ban me.
Any help is welcome and that is what i need to do this.

Sounds impossible and sounds like one of those “you do all the work and I’ll take credit” things. Sorry.

How is it impossible? It’s just vehicles and weather with a job set up. Why would I take credit for something I just admited I can’t to?

Please, dear god, just stop with the RPs. I’ve lost track by now, but there are at least 25 and counting on the releases and main pages. We don’t want to play all of this RP. Just stop.

Well it’s not really rp, your not owning doors or creating shops. Yes I am sick of rp to but in my mind this is different.

Then don’t play it?