StormFox 2 | A weather/environment mod for Garry's Mod

For some months ago, I decided to create a sequel to my mod “StormFox”.
The original code was slow, messy, had bugs and was unoptimized.

StormFox 2 is a complete rewrite, faster, module-based and has additional features than the original.
Some of the features:

  • Rain / Effects on windows, including world-brushes and some StaticProps models:

  • Day/Night cycle and logic_relay support.



Beta is out: ( Do note that there might be bugs, as it is still in beta )

Github: GitHub - Nak2/StormFox2

I do plan to support gamemode interactions. Including turning features on/off depending on the settings.


You should port this to S&box.


You should port this to S&box.

My C# is a bit rusty but would definitely give it a try.

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Nice mod

Pushed out a large update today. V 2.12. (Sat with 28 unpushed commits)
Fixing a lot of bugs, new settings, overhaul of weather-generation and remade the weather-forecast from SF1.

The forecast can be turned off and on and supports openweatherAPI as well.

Full changelog here

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