Storming the Construct

I fucking love this map.

Also, Johnson knows what the ladies like…

Fun Fact: I was listening to Piano Man and One Nation Under A Groove when posing this one. I would have fixed Miss I-Don’t-React-To-Light over there on the right, but I realized there were a lot of things to fix that weren’t really necessary since this was pretty much for the people on the Halo WIP thread.

Whoa whoa whoa, good looking Hornets? Where might I get those?

Also inb4 haters.

Here you go good sir…

Thank you, also nice posing on the people riding shotgun.

Thanks for compliment.

I could be way better. And The bumpmap on Sgt Jonhson is off. I’ll show you soon how a Halo thing should look like.

Really? Nothing? No flaws to point out or anything guys? I’m all sad now.

what map is that :v:

Good utilization of that map in the first picture. Was never sure what I was going to use it for my self. Second pictures is nice to. Quite the collection of ladies. But the first pic earns you an art.

Zis von mah friend…

yay thank you ;D

anyway, that guy on the left really bugs me for some reason. Like I dunno, the entire map has this huge epic feel but that guy is just…hard to explain. Maybe its the posing, I dunno. But otherwise, good work

Am I crazy or does one of the ladies in the second picture look like morrigan from DA:O?

She’s some chick from some fighting game. Thank for uber bumping this BTW.


Nobody post anything else. Just let this fade away into oblivion.


No seriously, if you want to rate or C&C, go to this picture instead…

Any idea which game? I’m only curious

can i have the original? first one looks fun to edit