Storming the Fort

I wanted to pose something TF2 related so I did.

C&C and shit.

The angle is orgasmic.

So is the lighting and posing

There’s something odd about it that I don’t like yet I can’t put my finger on it.


Also, the SDOF looks a tad bit awkward

The angle and lighting are all amazing, as well as all the posing in general.

Image updated. Now has more motion-y blur

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also fixed the fact that the medic’s hand on the soldier’s helmet wasn’t actually posed, moved the soldier’s hand a little and removed the medic’s backpack

It is good.

It is very good.

Yum yum.

Very good. Very good indeed. Great lighting, angle and posing.

Nice job!

Is very good, Taggart. Rated winner

Rong prolly wouldnt be happy to see this, what with scout over there having his neck squeezed like a dirty orange. :v:

It’s so bad that three of my organs burst!