Storming The Hideout (Scenebuild)

Don’t blame me for the poor posing, it’s the best I could do after fucking Gmod crashed and lost my previous version. I’ve worked on this all day and I’ve had to face 14 crashes from the game, right now it’s only a test of my scenebuild skills, hopefully my editing will improve by then…

Incredible scene-build.
The grain and the borders are horrible though. They almost ruin the picture.
Posing is pretty dodgy.
Guy waving should have his hand fingerposed.
Muzzleflashes look quite ugly.

I did fingerpose him actually, I edited the wrong screenshot though. The muzzleflash is the only one I could find, you got a better one?


Yeah probably. I’ll use that when redo this.

The are throwing him a coke, thats why he got the hand like that :stuck_out_tongue:
The scenebuild is awesome man but the grain is fucking strong.

That scenebuild is awesome!