Storms Admin Guns

I have made 6 guns for nearly no reason, but because i was bored. They are admin only to fight minges or to be a minge, all at your pleasure >:D. Have fun.

My steam is ** arctic_albotross **
I suggest you check them out yourself. :DDD very powerful.

Please, We dont need any more “1337 Admin Gunzz”.
They are frowned upon by the community here and its a quick way to get yourself hated.

It is my choice to release them is it not? They are harmless to the community and if they don’t like them too bad, they don’t have to download them.

There isn’t even a download link or pictures, You’re waisting space that a Quality Post Could of used.

Also, Good job rating me dumb, and rating your self agree.

I was updating it. If your here to argue and criticize, go do something else other then wasting your time… Also, you even voted without looking at the guns. That is… lame…

** You have major issues, get a life coolrider. **

Those are… Awful.


Well, It’s pretty much as coolrider said

Those are pretty much 5 second sweps.

I do, I spend my time reading books and learning 3D Modeling while you spend you’re time making Admin guns and insulting people over the internet.

But then again apparently I have major issues, at least thats what you think. I’m going to go slit my wrists now. Thank you for finally getting me to realize that I have major issues.

Gosh people, as i said, i made them because i was bored and that i have a freedom to upload them. Of course they were made rapidly, just for fun. Please, read what i said?

A monkey shits for fun and boredom.
A monkey shits to finish the process of Digestion and excrete waste from the body.

Either way the monkey shits.

Just because you have the freedom to upload them doesn’t mean you should post them, and atleast put some time into lua scripting weapons.

If you are making sweps just because you were bored, the results will be a boring swep.

… your still being stupid eh? I told you before, get a life. I mean, i’m still here because im just looking at it for a while more, since i created the forum and guns. Yet your still here being a loser and, to me it seems, arrogant.


Holy crap… READ the posts! like before when i said:

** They are harmless to the community andif they dont like them too bad, they dont have to download them. ** I just simply am done posting now because it is pointless staying on this page, or even coming back to it.

Most of the people in this forums won’t like such sweps, That’s why I am saying that you should put more time in those before posting them here.

** Last Post For Forever **
Then they don’t need to download them, and next time i will.(If there will ever be one). Goodbye.

Than what is the point in posting those if people won’t download this?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, Lua scripts are the same way.

I wish those SWep generators weren’t created.

learn from the Punisher. :)!