Stormtrooper surfs a Terminator-Dracula in space

Rebels can’t catch you if you’re surfing a Terminator-Dracula IN SPACE!

Rush him with a X-wing and done!

Nice pic mate, i liked the angle and the editing looks really nice :stuck_out_tongue:
Have an artistic!

You WIN! sir bravo
but what the frak? really.
I dont really have any C&C on this.
but where did you get that terminator model! I wants! :smiley:

Reminds me of Herman the German.

The terminator model is in Shotgunguy’s playermodel pack or on S-low’s website.

Do I detect Dr. McNinja reference?

Is that where the “Ninjas can’t catch you if you just surfed a Robo-Dracula from the moon” came from?

i seem to have started a trend of “what the fuck” poses

i like it



No, you didn’t. There have been a lot of “what the fuck” poses before yours.

Another trooper in the war against generic?


I cummed because of the sheer epic inside of this

Holy shit dude, thats pretty kick ass.

Ouhh mai godi is tis silvar surfar?

I think the song “Surfing with an alien” would fit the mood of this picture
also this is fantastic its funny and artistic