I was wondering if the game devs were considering adding kind of a background story… i mean i know that it is a post-apocalyptic type of theme with zombies. but im curious about how it happened, it seems to have something to do with nuclear war and zombies, or maybe a social experiment by the government where they are putting people on an island with zombies and having planes drop of stuff everyonce in a while, and their watching everything that goes on. It seems a bit odd at the moment that there are people surviving and killing each other while there appears to be an active military in force dropping off stuff, yet not helping necessarily, in fact they drop stuff that people use to kill each other.

The story is there was a virus that rotted everyone’s clothes off, then there was a metor shower and bandages falling from the sky. Ocean levels rose and the mainland became an island. The men were forced to breed with each other and made to adapt to get each other pregnant but they are all actually brothers. That is why we are all strange, naked men that look the same on an island given only a rock, some bandages, and a torch. (not sure why the torch is there though)

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We are an experiment by an advanced militaristic government that has figured out how to clone. They are continuing to refine the process, so they ship the clones off to Rust Island with tracking chips to identify which ‘batches’ survive better through use of weapons, brains, and brawn. Realizing that resources can be scarce, they periodically drop ship supplies onto the island, taking note of which clones are more adept at retrieving them and using the supplies for continued survival.

The zombies are actually mutated clones who had unstable DNA from the cloning process and were turned into subhumans from the radiation.

Someday, the clones will figure out how to get off the island, but until then, they must survive …

Pretty much, I spend a lot of time here between university classes and when I don’t have shit to do.

i just think that so far it seems like its set up to have a potential story and I want people to post ideas on this thread for a story on what happened.

who knows, maybe the devs might like one of the ideas.


That’s all I remember before I was birthed a second time on this God forsaken island. Born naked (or optionally wearing PJ pants), just like the first time, with nothing but a bandage, a torch, and a rock that strangely fit perfectly in my hands.

Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why do grown men run at me while I go about my business, shouting things that would make most men cringe?

I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t have time to ponder these things, as every moment I spend surviving. Smashing rocks like the prisoner I am, gathering wood like when I was a young man. This is now my life.

At night, I hear strange noises, moaning outside the shack I hastily put together. I also have heard gun shots. I suspect I will need one soon, or I will eventually become like the many I have seen on the side of the road, thrown out like yesterday’s garbage.

Maybe tomorrow, I will look for answers. Today I have to survive.

That was beautiful… thank you

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any other story ideas?