For best results, play map in Episode 2 with HDR enabled.

This is a short but very detailed zombie survival map.
It requires the player to shoot their way through a dark, zombie infested space ship and to complete the first chapter of many in my venture series.

Your feedback is very much appreciated if you would like any chapters or maps in the future to be of better quality.
Please comment!


Make sure you have a look at my previous maps too:

I am like.

I’m hoping that’s a good thing…

From the images it looks really good mate, once I arrive home I shall download and play :3:

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it (:

I hope so too :3:

This will also become a Garry’s Mod Deathmatch map for anyone wants to play online or just mess around in it.

In case of an Emergancy :eng101:

Sorry, that stuff bugs me. Looks pretty good, though.

Oh no you’re right! D: Thanks for pointing that out!
I made this at like 4 in the morning, so that’s why.

Crap I knew I forgot something when I got home from work, to download this fucker.

I’ll do it tonight when I get home, already set reminder on iPhone :v:

Had to delete and reupload it, meaning I’ve lost my 88 downloads. Hmph!
Lets see if we can get it back up again by tonight.

I’ll download it through a load of proxies :v:

I love the idea, though it could do with a little bit of polishing. I highly recommend you look into learning to model, because you could use custom models to make fine details to make it more space-like. Modelling is a great skill for mappers as you can make more believable maps using your custom assets.

I’ve tried but I just hate texturing them SO MUCH!

Very cool map, the lighting and atmosphere are spot on.

That’s exactly the purpose of this map! The way the lights look too bright in some areas is intentional.
It’s supposed to represent fear, hence the ambience, music and the fact that the whole ship is still dark even though the lights are trying their hardest.
It took me a long time to get this effect without the level being too bright or too dark. HDR helps and there are always flares for the dark areas. You’ll definitely need flares for Chapter 2!

Wasn’t there a really blocky, badly made version of this map about four years ago?

I still enjoyed it :3:

Yeah that was my original version and very first map. It wasn’t bad though for a first go at mapping I must say D:

And I agree, I thought it was very fun :3:

You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the compliments and the downloads.
I hope to reach as many as my gm_skyscraper did. Well…maybe the downloads of all of my chapters put together. :stuck_out_tongue: