Storyboarding done with gmod

I need some animations/storyboarding done with gmod. Not done by me, I need someone to do them for me, and I’d like to pay for them.

where do I post (paid) job offers in this forum?

Can anybody help me?

I don’t think anyone will show any intrest unless you give details.


And I think the comics section in screenshots/movies would be a good place for a storyboard request

“Do something and I will pay you” ideas never succeeded on this forum in all it’s 6 year history.

Any idea where I can post a request for a paid job done in garrysmod? Maybe another forum?

I need to create a video of various hospital scenes, of doctors, nurses and patients doing the typical things, walking around, manipulating props, talking, handling stuff, etc.

I’d really appreciate any pointers.


Nice idea, I also considered this option before shooting indie movie.

But it’d be hard to make useful storyboard - you’d have to make the scenery. Storyboard made by someone who don’t know the place the film will be shot, will be useless. Hospital is a very specific place.

The best solution for storyboard is pencil and a sheet of paper. But anyway, do you really need storyboard? I guess you are creating either a document or intercuts. It’s hard to plan scenes in a dynamic place like this. If I were you, I’d just make a lot of “run and gun” shots and select best ones.
Unless you are shooting on 35mm film stock, then you have limited time of shooting :smiley:

But if I’d like to have a GMod storyboard, I’d create it by myself :wink:

That’s a nice idea, except that I’ve no idea how to start using gmod. I would like to have videos, not storyboards, really. And the content is not super-specific, like I said: generic hospital situations. i can define them more clearly…

I hope somebody is interested in making a few bucks doing them :slight_smile: since it would take me a while to get to do it myself…