Stout Mecha statue

Every once in a while, I’ll fire up Gmod again and build some kind of pretty statue.

This is what happened today:

No particular plan, except I wanted to build a mech. Started off pretty low which is why it’s so short and wide.

Here are a bunch more pictures.

As I said, it’s a statue. It does not move and will never move.

No mod props, just HL2, Portal and CS:S. Stripy texture used on some parts is a mod texture though.


Gah, images aren’t working. Goddamn imageshack. Here’s a link to the gallery while I fix it:


Gonna have to do each one manually.

It looks kinda messy, but it’s not bad, Gj.


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Yeah, I was feeling kind of iffy about the torso, but felt I was too far along to start over.

Overall looks cool. Maybe try a human kind of pelvis/ legs? notice how they go under your body?

What’s with the 20 spiky balls? And the guy piloting it… From inside the scrotum.