Straggled at Enemy Territory

Something is really wrong with the shadow and, perhaps the lighting?

the lens flare makes no sense, it looks like there’s a tiny blue sun in the front-most guy’s kneecaps

Lens flares happen because a light source, in this case the sun in the picture is somewhat reflecting on the lens of the camera ending in the flare, you can see here. They go in a line from the source so parts of it ends up covering part of his knees. And if you follow my line to the corner you see the last part of the flare covering some grass

The shadow on the wall looks horrible. Either touch that shit up in photoshop or set r_projectedtexture_filter to .2. Or both.

Semi-related: I appreciate that wraithcat [sp]pretty sure it’s wraithcat[/sp] made those awesome terrain effects, but someone needs to give them a higher resolution or just shrink them down so it’s not so stretched.

but i can’t actually see the sun in the picture

Of course you can’t see the bright sun at bright sunset sky. :stuck_out_tongue:

-fuck wrong thread-

My line is in the middle of it. In between the tower and the dome roof.

I think the lighting is fine, matches the photo. I know the shadow isn’t great, but it has good ambiance and I think what he was going for shows well. Yes, the shadow could be fixed, but imo it doesn’t really need to.

Good job.

you used only one lamp and put it very far away right

Yes, and I used one more lamp to make reflected light but it doesn’t appeared.

don’t do that

I assume this is a scenebuild?

Nice job, you nailed the atmosphere! The posing could be a bit better, the legs look a bit like spaghetti, but nothing too too major. The shadow could be touched up like people have said, but doesn’t matter. Love the Black Hawk Down music :smiley:

Where did you get the buildings? (More specifically, the tall one on the right)

And those guns are from CS:GO, that huge pack that was released not long ago?

All of the buildings from Insurgency 3D skybox.