Straight Up Police: In a Bind #1

Merry Christmas boys and girls.

Forgive the terrible rope…

You can never have too much salt :saddowns:

Funny as hell though

This is amazing.

Face Posing

He said the models don’t have any

These guys are awesome, hope to see many more Straight Up Police comics! =D

I like how it seems to have a Tarantino-esque vibe of badassery.

Well since I can speak for TheFooHitTheFan and myself by saying we are not fans of Tarantino… so we weren’t going for that. But I’m glad you like it, haha.

Yeah, I’m not sure where you got Tarantino-esque, unless it’s the dialouge…but I have my fingers crossed that I’m a little better at having nonsense conversations IN CONTEXT. No conversations about big dicks and virgins here, no sir.

Mostly the fluid and humorous conversation gave me that feeling…