Stramic Community Looking for Coders

Hey guys, The Stramic community (Sandbox + custom RP)
is looking for Coders.

You can visit our website at and leave a post in the applications secion or, preferably, contact me over steam
via the username: DaRipper12

We are looking for people who dont necessarily need to be amazing coders, just familiar with the language, and of course have a warm personality.

We aren’t just looking for people to get in do the work and thats it, we are looking for people, with a specific skill set, to join our team of administrators.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: for more info contact me

So you have a DarkRP Deathmatch and a sandbox? Cool.

Well its not a deathmatch dark rp. Its A Dark rp that is being heavily modified.

“Great DarkRP server with jobs like TV salesman, pet store owner, talk show radio host, and more! Adv. Duplicator and E2 (limited) are also allowed!”

Lets see, pointless jobs, E2??!!!?!?!, GRAPPLE??

If I wanted to make a “express why im not an RP fan” thread I would have. But this is about recruitment soooo… thread exit is that way. thanks :smiley:

5,000 jobs isn’t heavily modified

Of course not. But it’s not finished up yet either.

I don’t understand what all the hate is about. Seriously, if you aren’t interested in helping go somewhere else.