Stranded Alone - First try at a comic.

Hey guys, thinking about starting in comics. Let me know if I should continue this.

C&C welcome. Sorry about the grain in the first picture. It helped with the darkness at first, but now when I look at it it’s just annoying. But sadly, the original is gone.

I debated if I should even post this, or just leave it on my hard drive to rot. Or just delete it. Let me know if I should have kept it, or if you like that I uploaded it.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

He has the facial expression
in every picture.

Yeah, I just noticed it. He doesn’t in the fourth picture, but still. I DID edit his face in every frame, I just didn’t notice it wasn’t that big of a change.

The guy likes showing his gritty teeth, I guess. <- Character trait. /sarcasm


Of course. Thanks for the correction.

NEXT EPISODE: Stranded guy loses his dentures.