'Stranded Counter-Terrorists' my second thread.

There’s about 4 photos in this thread so depending on your internet connection and speed. It may take some time so please be patient and comment on my photos.

The Characters:-
2 soldier
1 captain(in green).

fought terrorists for many hours(currently in afghanistan)
bridge destroyed.
1captain and 1 soldier mans the tank while 1 soldier drives the apc.

The story:-
These three soldier have been commanded to return to base after 5 hours of non-stop combat with the terrorists. After crawling on smashed/destroyed vehicles with their tank and apc. They soon arrive in a dead end which is a huge gap seperating the bridge which is formed by terrorist attack. They tried to turn back but their vehicles are stuck and they end up draining the tank which at the beginning has a very less amount of fuel in it. They also tried to contact nearby allies with their radio but the radio antenna was both damaged during battle. They shot a flare and have no choice but to wait for rescue choppers.
(photos shows what was did they do while waiting for the choppers)

This is the Original(low quality) photo.


This is the edited version(high quality) photo.


This is the edited version(high quality, different angled) photo.


This is the edited version(high quality, different angled) photo.


A more discriptive version.


Please give me some feedbacks about my photo. Any tips regarding about taking screenshots is very welcomed. *As you all know, im still a newbie.

Work on your posing a lil bit. Seems a little rigid and unnatural.
Why is the tank tipping? It isn’t on the cliff.
And a question, why did you change the picture for the edited ones?

How come the edited version is High quality? All you did was rape with sharpen filter and contrast.
Never use sharpen mate, NEVER.

And work on your posing, they look alot stiff; the camera angles are quite wonky too, zoom the camera and move around with noclip; prop placing needs alot of work too, the cars look randomly placed and there should be a little more debris if they just crashed there or something and choose props that make sense.

Rated funny for tank.

The high quality is when i took the photos with my graphics at maxed out(i guess my nvidia 8300 can’t take super graphics, but it supports hdmi). The tank is on a car. I wanted to make a wide angled one so it looks a little bit realistic but the ragdoll are very hard to be noticed. About the ragdolls, i have actually perfected it for about 2days(i cant make perfect ragdolls in 15 mins) but on the last parts where i had to put the weapons. i accidentally unfroze the whole ragdoll(the one near the tank) i got mad and decided to unfreeze it all and redo in about 2 hours(still crappy though).

Edit:- im gonnna start a more detailed one today. Its just i was too careless on this one.