Stranded... Just Survival

Hello since a while i have been developing an Gmod Survival gamemode inspired by well Stranded anda few oter survival games Of course this is heavly inspired by my currently being developed game S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R

The diference is that rather than being an gmod copy of survivor it will have an diferent design and ideas i wanted to implement in this gmod gamemode

Now im sorry if someting is out of place or is mispelled english is not my first language and i tend to have some issues writting it

So here is what its about

Pure Survival

In stranded your ONLY objective is survive until you get rescued

basicly once you woke up in the map you have to gather Food,Water and beware of any potential enemies that could put an end to your life

Based in the actions you do theres an higher chance that you will get rescued as example turning on a campfire and a smoke would get your rescue chance much more higher Altough the chance is most of times random and your only hope is to stay alive as much as you can

Also since stranded is iinspire in survival a few of the features it will have are

Weapon Durability System

Weapons status decrease over use so you need to repair them with resources else you will completly loose the weapon

Lower durability = lower stats and less damage

of course the better the weapon the higher your crafting skill must be in order to repair this weapon


Not much of a feature heh?

Once you take damage from any source theres a chance you get wounded …As example if an animal or enemy hits you theres an good chance that you will get a cut in your flesh then you would have to treat it with water etc else it could get infected and hence the resources you have you would most likely die of infection so you must plan everything before doing anything risky

Also the gamemode features an Buff and debuff system where if as example you eat an very good food you would get the “Good Food” buff that would decrease how often you need to eat but just for a while

if it starts raining and you get wet you would get the “Wet” Debuff and your stats would decrease and so on


players can craft new weapons with theyr resources and of course upgrade existing weapons

crafting is not instantly theres a bar that fullfills over time if the player has the required resources and recipe so once the player starts the recipe he can go find more resources,eat,sleep and at the next day finish it

RPG & Specialisations

the player can select his character specialisation as exmaple if he selects the “Chef” spec his cooking skills would be better he can also cut wood,find resources etc wich gives him XP if your XP reaches an specific point you level up,get an skill point wich can be spent in a new skill for your character and so on

Is this a copy of SURVIVOR?

Completly no i did this as a learning experience and the only media from survivor will be the HUD(Only if eric is ok with it else ill find something else) if you really like this gamemode please check the “Full game” here


The HUD was done by newbee pictures credit goes to Eric and S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R

So well thats it ill periodicly update this post as the time goes

I like your HUD

I really like the idea of this, great work so far.

Dat HUD. Lol, those HUD textures are pretty awesome. Keep up the work, I think you can do this a good gamemode.

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