Stranded mod

I would just like something that makes it so you can’t freeze the resource box’s that you get in stranded. So people can’t freeze their resources in the air.


This code must be placed serverside.
[lua]local EntityBlacklist = {“entity_name_one”,“entity_name_two”} – List of entity class names we don’t want the player to freeze

hook.Add(“OnPhysgunFreeze”, “PhysgunFreezing”, function(weapon, physobj, ent, ply)
for key,value in ipairs(EntityBlacklist) do – For each value in the EntityBlacklist table
if ent:GetClass() == value then – If the entity we want to freeze has the same class name
return false – Disallow freezing


OMG I love you. I’ll try it out right now but I guarantee it works sweet thanks.