Stranded Model Pack

I don’t know if you have ever been on Trickys Tutorials stranded server(s), but they have a nice prop pack for building with in Stranded. What I’m am doing is making a set of props based on the them, but from scratch obviously (have you seen the threats they make against people stealing their pack?). Additionaly, Athos, a good freind of mine is working on replacements for resource crates, as well as models for additional resources. This pack will be intergrated into the next official release of the stranded gamemode.

Aside from being really good for building with in the stranded gamemode, these props are pretty good for building structures with in general, and the reasource models make great comic strip props. The pack is consistant, and the props all have manually made properties through-out. To this end, even after intergration with the stranded gamemode, this pack will still be available seperatly.

I am making multiple versions of most of the structural props
1 Easily breakable, lightweight, wooden[/ul][ul]
2 Harder to break, heavy, wooden[/ul][ul]
3 Unbreakable, heavy, concrete[/ul][ul]
4 Breakable, midweight, glass (need a little help with the qc files for these)
The measurements are in Hammer units/Inches, and are ordered Depth x Breadth x Height

Props that I am making:
5x5x5 Cube - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x5x25 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x5x50 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x5x75 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x5x100 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
10x10x10 Block - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
10x10x25 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
10x10x50 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
10x10x75 Beam - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
10x10x100 Beam - Versions:1,2,3
5x25x25 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x50x25 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x50x50 Panel - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x75x25 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x75x50 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x75x75 Panel - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x100x25 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x100x50 Panel - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x100x75 Board - Versions:1,2,3[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3
5x40x85 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Door[/ul][ul]
5x50x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Doorway[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Doorway[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Double Doorway
5x50x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame[/ul][ul]
5x50x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame High[/ul][ul]
5x50x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame Full[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame High[/ul][ul]
5x100x100 Panel - Versions:1,2,3 - Window Frame Full
1x40x40 - Panel - Versions:4 - Window Pane[/ul][ul]
1x40x50 - Panel - Versions:4 - Window Pane[/ul][ul]
1x90x40 - Panel - Versions:4 - Window Pane[/ul][ul]
1x90x50 - Panel - Versions:4 - Window Pane[/ul][ul]
1x90x90 - Panel - Versions:4 - Window Pane[/ul][ul]
10x10x15 Teardrop - Copper - Softwood Counterweight[/ul][ul]
10x10x15 Teardrop - Copper - Hardwood Counterweight[/ul][ul]
10x10x15 Teardrop - Copper - Concrete Counterweight[/ul][ul]
50x50x100 Cuboid - Stone - Foundation for building over uneven terrain[/ul][ul]
50x100x100 Cuboid - Stone - Foundation for building over uneven terrain[/ul][ul]
100x100x100 Cuboid - Stone - Foundation for building over uneven terrain[/ul][ul]
100x50x100 Steps - Stone - Steps for foundations[/ul][ul]
50x50x100 Steps - Stone - Steep steps for foundations[/ul][ul]
100x100x100 Steps - Stone - Wide steps for foundations[/ul][ul]
50x100x100 Steps - Stone - Steep, wide steps for foundations[/ul][ul]
10x50x100 Ladder - Iron - Ladder you can walk up[/ul]

Normal download link:

More information can be found at the official stranded forum:

Q: How come you haven’t done metal versions of the building props?
A: Because in a real life stranded situation, you’re not going to go to the trouble of building a furnace and then mining ore and smelting it just to build a place to kip. You would save the metal for tools and such.
Q: How many cups of tea have fallen in this battle?
A: 32, but they fought bravely, burnt my tongue several times.
Q: Are you going to make curved and trianguler building props?
A: No, and most likly never will I’m not re-inventing PHX.

Random Facts and News:
5th of August 2009 This pack hit the front page of[/ul][ul]
Later on the 5th of August 2009 This pack reached the number one spot on the front page[/ul][ul]
Currant downloads milestone: 20,000[/ul][ul]
The cd/dvd drive on my laptop is driving me insane
House made by me:

House made by Myndphreak:

INSANE house by Kali (the furniture isn’t part of my pack, but its a hell of a nice touch):

Keep up the good work bro! I gotta start playing me some more GMS.

I have installed this exactly as your readme specifies, yet when I start the stranded gamemode it is completely broken, no menus, no weapons. When I remove the custom spawnlists from the shared.lua file the gamemode loads properly.

There was a mistake in the copy_my_contents.txt, I’ll re-upload it. The reason I havn’t provided a correctly modified shared.lua to replace the default one is that some people have already customised thier shared.lua, and I wouldn’t want them to just go over thier own work for the sake of our pack.

Edit: Bug fixed and pack re-uploaded

Edit: For those of you interested, the bug was a missing comma

Thanks alot! I was bummed when the models didn’t work. For your sake I hope this get implemented into the stranded gamemode. Keep up the good work.

1 Unit of Hammer is not 1 Inch.
1 Unit of Hammer is 0.75 Inch because 16 Units of Hammer are 1 feed.
But 1 Unit of 3dmax is 1 Inch because 12 Units of 3dmax are 1 feed.

And 12 Inches are 1 feed.
And a Unit of Hammer is not a Unit of 3dmax. :wink:

Feed? I didn’t know that was a unit.

It will be, myself and Athos have been given permission by Chewgum to become the official developers for the gamemode.

I’m using XSI, but thanks for your concern. Either way, it’s not real life so it doesn’t really matter, I only really put it in there so you could get a rough idea.

Edit: I just ran a test, I made a 12 inch cube in XSI, compiled it, then implemented it in hamer, and it was 12 hammer units in size, and I know that XSI uses 12 inch feet. Whether hammer or source choose to interpret this as a foot or three quaters of a foot both remains to be seen, and is also irrelevent

This is more of a prop pack, but it is nice.

Indead this is a prop pack, hence why it has been released in the modeling releases thread, and not the gamemodes or scripting threads. This pack, as I have said, will become intergrated in the gamemode, but will also be available seperatly for none stranded use.

This looks promising, and looks like it will be very helpful in stranded.

What the hell is a Breadth? I think you’re looking for the word Width.

Breadth and Width are both the same thing, both genuine words of the original English language. Yes, I have eaten a thesaurus :smiley:

This stands as one of the more epic releases of late. I do look forward to the imminent integration of said Garry’s Mod Stranded addition.


Quick question: does this pack work if you don’t have Stranded? (In other words, just gmod 10)

Yes, and it will be available seperatly even after intergration


Sounds great. I just have 2 other questions…

  1. Where do you install this to? Or where do all the files go?
  2. Does this require CS:S?

just whack it in addons, and the idea behind the pack is that you don’t need anything to use it, this means that everyone will be able to use it ^^

EDIT: The model pack just hit the front page, WEWT!!!