Stranded Model Pack

Downloaded, awesome.

Pffff, how do I add the models to Stranded’s spawnlist? I only get the default stuff, Thanks.


Where’s my automerge when you need it.

The instructions are in the readme.txt in the SMP folder

may i make a suggestion? make all the work benches and furneses with plants. that way people without CSS can play.

Guys, I just installed this, when I click the menu (you know the one where you click the bar then it shows a list of props), my Gmod 10 crashes. Can you guys help me?

Already in the works, or at least, already on the drawing board

I’m afraid the only support I can offer is that you re-install stranded. Other then that, there isn’t much I can suggest at this point

really good models for construction. and is not high textures. nice nice. I spawn 20 walls of that and i have 30 fps

really nice. I have the before version of garrysmod. less lagger

u now famoous lol

Very nice pack

Okay, I reinstalled it, it still freezes…

Also Military models got on 1st

quite cool.

id like to see this in a big pack because i like it.


I’m very sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know what else to suggest, re-installing gmod seems a little be excessive, and I really doubt that re-installing steam would have any effect at all

Yeah, it was bound to happen sooner or later, they were moving up the list so fast, but at least our pack got to be there a little while ^^

I built a house with this pack:

It’s a really awsome house, anyone who sees this thread should go take a look. There are a few pics on the first post here, but you should check out the rest of it

i like this very much. dl twice :3:

The other day I was thinking about making some stuff for Stranded myself, funny to see someone is already on it! ^^

Anyway, I don’t know how useful it may be, but I made this roman tent looking kind of thing that could act as an early shelter or whatever?

This was smacked together in 10 minutes (I’m a 3dsmax noob :v:), so any input is appreciated!

any new posts?

Sorry for the delay in reply, but the internet was unavailable to me for a while. The tent Idea is already on the drawing board, but we’re going for a pup-tent design.

getting better then the TT model pack, you have me sold

At least this model pack seems to get a somewhat frequent update as opposed to the TT props, which are nice, but scarce. Also, all the hysteria around “Don’t use our props on other servers or we will shove spiked rods up your mud-tunnel” kind of makes them less desirable the way I see it.

Hopefully this pack will get more and more useful and cool stuff as time goes :cool: