Stranded Model Pack

Unfortunatly, my studies start soon for my second year at uni, and I’m already splitting my time between the modeling and managing the gamemode, so it’ll be a little while before anything new happens, but I think for the moment you guys have enough building props for now. Please be patient and bear with me.

Link for Bit Torrent dl? so i can open the file?


Can you not use something else or do a remake because the PACK is AWESOME but i can not use TORRENT!!!

NORMAL File please if you can???

Yay, i’ve always wanted something like this, nice one :smile:

Wait… if the furniture in kali’s house isn’t part of the pack, where did he get it from?

I believe Garry has taken the liberty of doing it for me :S

I havn’t the feintest idea, but you could try posting your question on the thread he made if it’s still around (my internet connection has been acting up lately but it should still be there)

does the clients need this pack too? or do clients get it from server who has it?

Hey Night, Mynd closed his server if you didn’t know. (this is Edward if you remember me)

Can you add me on steam? My user is: ivanvan0003

are the structures done yet?

At currant, both the server and client will need to acquire the pack for themselves. Once we integrate it into the game mode, the clients should be able to download it by joining a server, however it will also be available separately so they can obtain it in their own time

Yeah, I heard from the man himself, sad to see it go but that’s just how it is I guess

I’m working on them, please be patient, I don’t have a lot of time to work on them, I have to balance my time between uni, housework/living and the game mode, so it may take some time.

If anyone is interested, there is an HTML file in there containing the list I’m working through at currant.

So then… Does this work with “Vanilla” Gmod? Or does it require CS:S or somesuch? Is it usable in Sandbox?

It’s just a model pack, so it should be usable in sandbox, as for vanilla, if thats a gamemode that uses the default spawnmenu to allow the players to spawn props, then it should be compatible ^^

Since I am rewriting Stranded (and thus being a developer), I will include this with it and remove metal props.

More info is on your forum.

I like it very much, More Please :slight_smile: