Stranded/Stargate Cross

What i would like to do is have a cross of stranded and stargate, as where players pick what planet there on when they join, as planets would be faction based. Players could go explore other planets for eesource, build out posts and so on. Now this could all be done on multipule servers to. At first tho im thinking like a 40slot server.

Whats Needed:
Now I myself no nothing about any sort of coding, so i would supply all the needed servers. What is needed, is someone to make the map(s) and someone to fix the stranded gamemode and work stargate into it.

I understand theres lots of ideas on Facepuch that never finish let alone start. but i think this could work.

If interested PM me here or just post below.

Alright well I possibly have a coder now, just need some to help with the maps

Alright I could still use a coder, And i am willing to pay for the services now

I’ve always thought this was a good idea, thought of it myself before. I wish I could code or map for shit. I’m really good at developing concepts for gamemodes though…

I sent a pm saying I can map a few days ago but no reply. I think it died sorry.

There is already something like this on g4p, sgstranded, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.
It was awesome! The stargatemod was integrated as well.

It’s just finishing Alpha stages actually. There are some more fun things I plan to add and some bugs that need fixing, but check it out. We could use some more Alpha testers if anyone is interested.