Stranded: Stargate

Note: I am currently wrapping up a deployment to Afghanistan and haven’t had the time to polish this for GM13. When I return home next month I will do what I can to make it work and after a little beta testing I will make this gamemode available to the general public

What this is: This gamemode is a rewrite of the original gamemode by ja_cop and myself completely from scratch. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at a complete recode and I always had a great love for Stranded. I know that there are some other stranded gamemodes floating out there, but I think you will see why mine is different. I won’t say it’s better… I’ll let you make your own decisions on that.

What this isnt: This isn’t a modification of anyone elses attempt at Stranded. This isn’t my old Stargate: Stranded gamemode I ran years ago if anyone even still remembers that. This isn’t available for personal use AT THIS TIME.

I won’t go too much into how the game is played. I think we all know how to play Stranded, and if not, just look for a guide online or join any of the servers out there.

This is the product of about 2 months of 6-8 hour coding sessions almost daily. (I have a very dull job here in Afghanistan) Any criticism or suggestions are welcome. - Server 1

Screenshots: (Some models are placeholders, such as tools)

Videos: (My production skills are unmatched…)

This looks quite fun!

Is it going to be a public or private gamemode?

Once I have had the time to refine some of the issues with it, add a little more content and fully convert it to GM13 I will make it public.

I can’t wait for this. Always liked Stranded, it’ll be nice having it back for GM13 and with a new twist!

Just a note for those of you who might be wondering. The 3rd person (while I think it makes the game play more like Stranded should be played) is not mandatory. You can toggle it via in-game commands.

Looks awesome, good effort!

I was able to update my Garry’s Mod out here in Afghaniland… so I spent the day and I hashed out the conversion. It was surprisingly easier than I thought.

I will need to make a new map for it that doesn’t use Stargates for the time being however. Once I’ve done that I will put up a dev server and polish it.

Once that’s done, we can all expect a release to some degree. Keep an eye out!

I finished the conversion and tested some things by myself. I have a test server running. Please join and let me know if there are any errors. - Server 1

Couple of new things - Utilization of Garry’s new Skybox system

How are you running a server if your in Afghanistan… lol. Anyway I’m joining if my ping ain’t shit.

Well I think I’m already reporting my first bug, when selecting player model, it changes but I can’t move or anything. I have to rejoin the server.

EDIT: Actually when I do anything, foraging etc, it just locks up and I have to rejoin… this might need to be fixed soon lol. This is happening to everyone. Also mining does the same thing. I also noticed on the other player when it locks up, it says hes mining under his name.

Also swimming animations don’t work.

Clock in the middle of the screen doesn’t work.

Sleeping also gets stuck. Same with wood cutting.

Slightly annoying day time cycle seems a bit fast.

Need non Episode 2 trees for people without episode 2, as they are all just errors for those people.

Night sky is extremely crowded also.

Also on the Q menu in props, the scrollbar is barely on screen.

Oh yeah food/thirst/fatigue doesn’t work.

Otherwise this is all I can find with the present bugs.

The server is hosted on my dedicated server in Texas. I just remote into it from here… it’s slow as hell though.

Sounds like something is breaking the hooks. I will take a look at the console log and see if I can isolate the errors.

I’ve taken the server down until I can fix these issues. I am not in the office where my laptop with garry’s mod is at. I might have it back up tomorrow. Sorry for the tease… I hope to have this running as soon as I can.

Really good idea. At first I thought it would be stupid but I’m in love with your work. Keep it up!

Will there be frequent wipes on this server? Or when/if you put up a server after the release, will our stats be saved on there? Just wondering, since I was a player way back on the original Stargate Stranded, so I’m looking forward to a server to play on.

The ONLY wipe that may take place is from beta to release. Even then, Unless something major changes in the leveling balance or code I don’t see there being a wipe in data.

Opps… Old account ^.

I isolated the problem to a modified version of SPP I use for prop protection. It was throwing an error which seemed to break pretty much everything timer related when it attempted to clean up a user’s props when they left the server. Re-Packaging the gamemode and the server will be back up soon.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Edit The server is now back online. Please let me know if there are any more game breaking errors. - Server 1

If you get a gamemode released, I may want to host this. Looks interesting.

Its still locking up for me, but it seems people have been on and have spawned heaps of props. I still have all the exact same problems as in my previous post, but it looks like heaps of other people have been able to do shit like mining and foraging.

EDIT: Creating a new garrys mod folder didn’t fix it.

It’s not you. What is happening is there is a bug that causes the main timer hook to fail and so it gets removed. What you experienced yesterday was fixed, this is a new bug. I am working on it now. It’ll be a slow process to catch all of the problems. I’m just hoping that every time we do catch one, it puts us closer to a completely stable release.

Seems like the exact same bug lol, its strange that it appears to not of been affecting other people though?

It had been affecting other people. You just happened to join after it started. It was the same symptom… different bug.

That being said… I isolated the cause of the bug this time which was when two people would chop down a single tree and the tree would disappear for one the server would still try and use it for the second player. Added in a validity check and everything appears to be running smooth again.

Thanks for the reports! Keep them coming! - Server 1

It seems to run pretty dam smoothly now.

From my opinion I think it needs a lot more content. At the moment it takes hours, just to get iron tools, really that’s just to long. The rocks being depleted was annoying as well, I would hate to see how that gets on a really populated server.

There really needs to be more content which I’m sure your planning on adding. I would really really like to able to scroll though tools though, its just such a pain to have to open the menu, press a tab, then press a button which could be easily be done via scrolling.

Also when you place a cache under yourself so when your mining the rocks go straight into it, atm they don’t go into it.

I would really like to be able to press F4 to show my resources, rather then the menu, but I think you said it would be to difficult and also have it toggle so it stays on screen. The same with skills. Skills should also be ordered from, most experience to least.

Also atm, without some sort of new content, the goal is just to level up, which is quite boring by itself, really needs to be coupled with levelling up so I can build something epic, but the construction skills heavily limits it.

These are just some suggestions I’m thinking of, as I have played a fair few pretty popular Strandeds.

Otherwise there seems to be no bugs atm.